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Niendorf Fassadengestaltung

Ausstellung "legen auf"

Poster for Multitude hostel

Ausstellung "spielen an"

Poster series, exhibitions and wall design

since 01/2017 various collaboration projects with Julia Boswank as fog
webshop: www.tictail.com/fogshop


Niendorf Pianos, Luckenwalde
Multitude Hostel Leipzig



for the Silent-Movies-Marathon at Kunstraum Walcheturm for the
IOIC Institute of Incoherent Cinematography.
Collaboration with Ana J. Haugwitz

Zürich, 12/2013




Cotton Bag

with Selina Bütler





SIEBUNDBROT / Werkstatt für Siebdruck

Website, posters and identity for the SIEBUNDBROT silkscreen studio Zurich, 2012/13.
Art education, courses & design with Laura Ferrara and Selina Bütler.

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Lena Schrieb & Héloïse Derly

"Les messages se créent"

34 offset-posters, 10 books, wall installation

Presentation at La Fabrique during the "Festival International de
l´Affiche et du Graphisme", Chaumont, 2012
Exhibition at Gallery Sunset Résidence, Lyon, 2013

"Our approach is to obscure, to delete certain elements of vernacular posters: words, colors, certain elements of the composition, but also to enlarge, to modify the context, by giving them an autonomy outside any relationships to a system of commands. It is a question of making a choice to define form and reading. It emanates from messages and from truncated compositions, a certain opening in the possible meaning, the effect of intrigue. The method is similar to the appropriation and the change of the vernacular graphic languages to give to the image a different status which opens it out to other perceptions." (translation: Chris Michalski)


Concert Series Posters

for the Prince George Conservatory of Music, British Columbia, CA





Diploma in Visual Communication, HfG Offenbach
Offset, 2009
with Ellen Wagner




The BamBam Collective - Poster
3-colour silkprint

















Diploma in Visual Communication

Theme: Improvisation and Patterns
(Books, 148 DIN A3 pages, posters and installation)

Hfg Offenbach, 2011
Supervisor: Prof. Sascha Lobe



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